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Cost Plus 10%

To help the family's in our community to save and budget better we only mark up a lot of our prices 10%, so manufactures may change their prices on us without notice from time to time. We do not sell any of our items online. This is only a tool to give you an idea as to what we carry. Visit our store for current and up to date products and pricing.

Chronic Pain Mattress Budget Center @ Barter Post Trade-Up Store is a premier Furniture Store, Mattress Store

We are located in Rainsville AL, with over 18,000 Friends in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee Valley area,

including: Fort Payne AL, Scottsboro AL, Albertville AL, Guntersville AL, Gadsden AL, Cullman AL, Huntsville AL, Trenton GA, Rome GA, Chattanooga TN

King Koil, leader since 1898

Chiropractor tested.  Chiropractor trusted.

International Chiropractic Association

25 Year Extended Life Mattress by King Koil

The Strongest No-Sag Mattress on the Planet 

a Plush Firm Mattress perfect for Plus+ size to Petite, your guaranteed to never worry about a sagging mattress again

New Fibro-Cool Motion Therapy $797

The Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia, Migraines

offers a much cooler, pressureless experience. plush firm support that cuddles around your nerves to offer relief from chronic pain.

Lumbar-Cool Mattress Queen $682

The Best Mattress for Back Pain, Chronic Pain Relief

It's SOooo COoool, This unique construction of the G6 iMattress allows 12x more breathability and increases air exchange up to 400% Compare to Tempur-Pedic, Visco Memory foam.

Compare the iG6 to other beds at twice the price, and you will come back to the iG6 for lasting comfort.

Adjustable Beds - Lift Chairs

Wholesale Cost Plus 10%

Let us help you live better for way less!

  • Cool-Motion Recline Adjustable Bed Base
  • Fibro-Cool Motion
  • Lumbar-Cool Motion
  • Recliner Lift Chairs
  • Full Sleeper Recliner Lift Chairs

Improve the quality of your life, help improve sleep disorders for way less!


​Biggest Friends Discount

The right mattresses, for the right price!

  • Budget Firm Mattresses
  • Guest Room Pillow Top Mattresses 
  • Kid's and Teen Plush Mattresses
  • Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Luxury Latex Mattresses
  • Chronic Pain Relief Mattresses
  • RV and Camper Mattresses


Twin $54 | Full $65 | Queen $99 | King $129 great for kid's, Campers and RV's

Tell us about your Chronic Pain: Lumbar, Back, Neck, Numbness, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, ETC.

Chronic Pain Relief Mattress Store for Way Less | Rainsville

Chronic Pain Mattress Budget Center @ Barter Post Trade-Up Store in Rainsville, offers The Best Mattresses for Back Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia for Way Less!