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Building Consumer Trust

Lets face it… I know the consumers are uncomfortable buying a mattress. It is a big ticket purchase which very few customers know much about and the choices in the market place are overwhelming To further commutate matters, there is very little trust on the part of the consumer in the process. Most often consumers are reluctant to even start or know how to. I can help find the right mattress @ the right price and best of all I hope to be your hero by getting you on the right track to a better night's sleep or even better a better quality of life. So what are some good questions to ask me so we can get the process started and help to put you at ease?

  • The easy question to start with is: How well did you sleep last night? That can tell me about your overall sleep and the quality of your current sleep.

According to the Better Sleep Council

  • ​78% of people surveyed say you want improvement in your sleep quality, and 49% say you would like to own a better mattress than you currently do.

Think about it, almost 8 out of 10 consumers in my store are saying they want better sleep, and over half want a better mattress than their current set. 

A great question to ask would be  what you like and do not like about your sleep. This can tell me if your sleep issues relate to your mattress or your sleep environment. (i.e.. 

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The right Mattress @ The right price, let's your body rest in Rainsville AL


  • 18% More Gel - 2 Degrees Cooler
  • 32% More Coils - More Support
  • Zero Degree Chronic Pain Relief

No More Sinking in the middle of your mattress?
    New technology advancements are revolutionary. New and Improved!

"No more break in time"

Foams last 55% longer. as factory now uses a thicker super soft foam, then roller stresses it to be resistant against sagging or pocketing in the middle like the other competitors at twice the price.​

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Barter Post - Lumbar Cool Mattress Rainsville AL


Barter Post - Lumbar Cool Mattress Rainsville AL





a better mattress for wayy less!!

Over 7000 Mattresses Sold


  Their current bed is too hard or too soft. It could possibility be related to their health. (i.e. they have a bad back and their current mattress is not supporting them. Some other great questions to get the conversation started are:

1.) Let me know if something happened recently that would have an affect on your sleep?

2.) How long you sleep, and do you think you get enough? This leads us to the next section, the benefits of good sleep.


What are the benefit’s of good sleep?

  It may seem obvious that sleep is beneficial. Even without fully grasping what sleep does for us, we know that going without sleep for too long makes us feel terrible, and that getting a good night's sleep can make us feel ready to take on the world. Scientists have gone to great lengths to fully understand sleep's benefits and have discovered that sleep plays a critical role in the following:

1.) Immune Function- can affect your health positivly

2.) Metabolism- can contribute to weight loss

3.) Memory- can improve your overall memory

4.) Learning- can help you stay focused and alert

5.) Reduces stress

6.) Reduces Inflammation

  We all can benefit from a better nights sleep. by pointing out these benefits so you can make a more educated buying decision and help you find

The right mattress @ The right price!

 You may want to re-think how proud you are for being so conservative by sleeping on that old mattress for 26 years as you walk into my store on a cane, walking bowlegged? because as your old mattress foams begin to break down, usually around 7 to 8 years, so does your body. You can replace your mattress but you can't replace that old body. a better quality of life is so important.

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Great news to be inspired about,

Barter Post - Lumbar Cool Mattress,  has partnered with a Legend, Southerland THE MAKERS OF ENGLANDER is one of the oldest names in Nashville TN, A family owned business with multiple plants made in USA

Since Circa 1893  

We're putting families back to work!

  We're building a relationship with this amazing company because of it's major advancements in the mattress industry over the past 150 years as a leader in the industry, a 99% customer approval rating also by combining ENGLANDER with our Lumbar Cool Mattress Collection

  we can now offer a product that crushes all our competitors mattresses and offer a much cooler sleeping surface by 18% - Airflow border offers 400% increased airflow - a dual coil system that gives 32% more support - No Roll, No Sag Foams technology advancements are revolutionary. "No more break in time" Foams last 55% longer. as factory now uses a thicker super soft foam, then roller stresses it to be resistant against sagging or pocketing in the middle like the other competitors at twice the price.​

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Lumbar-Cool Thermo Balance

Product Review

  In a 2011 study, the U.S. National Sleep Foundation found that 87% of participants experience a sleep problem at least once a week and that 79% rated “cooler sleep” as the main criteria for their sleep quality. Our "LumbarCool - Thermo Balance" line is a complete sleep system from the top down to help address the need for a “cooler night's sleep” and more. “Lumbar Cool - Thermo Balance” manages heat starting with the cover which utilizes Celsius Technology. The cover incorporates Glacier cooling yarn –Yarn that’s been treated to provide a “cooler to touch” sleep surface. The cover also incorporates “Tencel” a top quality product, a moisture wicking fiber.Tencel is a natural fiber designed to absorb excess moisture and wick it away from the body, providing a dryer and cooler sleep surface.

​“Lumbar Cool - Thermo Balance” also uses layers of Gel infused Visco and/or Latex (depending on model). Both reduces pressure which help reduce tossing and turning for a deeper nights sleep. “Lumbar Cool - Thermo Balance” also offers Pressure Relief through its Wrapped Coil System which conforms to individual curves of the body to provide better weight distribution –keeping the spine in alignment. It also features a Zoned Support System –13.5ga steel in the center third of the bed provides a zoned support right where we need it the most

To our over 30,000 friends, all the manufactures out their offer up to 15 year warranty, just by purchasing a mattress at Barter Post - Lumbar Cool Mattress, you get an additional

  • 5 year extended warranty free of charge
  • purchase your mattress @ wholesale cost + 10%
  • FREE Sales Tax or FREE Delivery